26 Apr 2017

Nappies, Nappies everywhere.

And I'm not referring to the fact I have a one year old daughter.
The Napoleonic era has always been a draw with regards to wargaming, the imagery of massed miniatures on the table top, sweeping advances, dashing flanking manoeuvres, Sean Bean, what's not to love?
Oh yeah. It's a scary period to try to get into. The depth is immense, the variation in uniforms, the number of figures needed to give the scale of the battles justice and finding a like minded opponent when all that was that being played had come out of that Nottingham based company we all love and loath.
Then a few years ago a Spanish company called Man at War released Napoleon at War. Quite a nice little ruleset but with the benefit of being supported by a range of figures boxed as needed. By the brigade as well. OK the figures had been scaled to 4 men to a company but it felt like you would be pushing whole regiments around. (My 2 play throughs involved empty bases.) I even prepped one regiment of French for painting before other projects took over as the realisation that everyone else wanted to play everything else. Then a big gaming purge happened and I sort of forgot all about this excitement in my life.
Until I stumbled across 10 boxes of Napoleon at War figures in my garage, yes!  I want to paint and play with these 18mm fighting men. No! I sold the rulebook. No! Man at War abandoned the project. Yes! There is new management planning to take it forward......apparantly.
Ah well, whatever. I hope to get these 2 times painted up and maybe use them with Warlord Games Black Powder ruleset. And if v2 of NaW is released happy days.