12 Jul 2017

Typically made a plan and the dates change.

Announced a plann in my last post and then one of the core events has changed the date, from June to September.  Gonna have a think about how to approach this. The White Bear is a tough course, but it would be rewarding. Maybe an early season 1/2 IM somewhere sunny......


10 Jul 2017

New life, new direction.

It'll be blatantly clear to any that know me would agree that the last 4 years have seen big changes in my life.
I now have 2 wonderful (Even though at times i would disagree with that adjective.) children that have sucked a lot of my time.
I have (Silently.) battled with mental illness, though now feel I am on the right course with regards to medication and other treatments.
And I took up cycling, which led to doing a few triathlons, albeit not very fast or efficiently. And it has been this latest change which has led me to decide to leave gaming, oh and FoW v4 has helped with that.
So all my gaming and military modelling kit is going. I'm keeping the board games I have for the time being as they are less involved when it comes to time.
The proceeds from the sale of all of this stuff is going to be used to fund my 2018 goal of competing/completing Ironman Italy. Which isn't going to be cheap. I am already entered into a 1/2 distance race in June as part of the preparation and hope to competing in the very local GOAT this September as a short term goal.
My plan for this blog is to simply change the focus but keep the title, I've paid for the domain.
So sorry to say that my very random and infrequent posts related to gaming have come to an end, though I'll not delete the older content as it's still recieving traffic.
Be prepared to enter the world of pacing, heart rate zones, power zones and why High5 gives me the shits....  

26 Apr 2017

Nappies, Nappies everywhere.

And I'm not referring to the fact I have a one year old daughter.
The Napoleonic era has always been a draw with regards to wargaming, the imagery of massed miniatures on the table top, sweeping advances, dashing flanking manoeuvres, Sean Bean, what's not to love?
Oh yeah. It's a scary period to try to get into. The depth is immense, the variation in uniforms, the number of figures needed to give the scale of the battles justice and finding a like minded opponent when all that was that being played had come out of that Nottingham based company we all love and loath.
Then a few years ago a Spanish company called Man at War released Napoleon at War. Quite a nice little ruleset but with the benefit of being supported by a range of figures boxed as needed. By the brigade as well. OK the figures had been scaled to 4 men to a company but it felt like you would be pushing whole regiments around. (My 2 play throughs involved empty bases.) I even prepped one regiment of French for painting before other projects took over as the realisation that everyone else wanted to play everything else. Then a big gaming purge happened and I sort of forgot all about this excitement in my life.
Until I stumbled across 10 boxes of Napoleon at War figures in my garage, yes!  I want to paint and play with these 18mm fighting men. No! I sold the rulebook. No! Man at War abandoned the project. Yes! There is new management planning to take it forward......apparantly.
Ah well, whatever. I hope to get these 2 times painted up and maybe use them with Warlord Games Black Powder ruleset. And if v2 of NaW is released happy days.