24 May 2016

Slow starts.

After a few weeks looking at them finally got some paint on my 1st set of Strelk.  Started with sticking each base worth of figures onto tongue depressors. (The same type that I make hedgerows on, a tutorial can be found here.)

Each stick gets a coat of Vallejo black primer.

 And then a spray with VMA24 Khaki Brown.

Also been distracted gluing Khorne Bloodbound together, been pulled towards them after falling for the Slaughterpriest sculpt and couldn't resist getting some to paint, it'll be a nice break from all the dull colours in FoW.

12 May 2016

A very neglected blog indeed.

Wow, how long has it been? Not that I've been sitting idle, just other life stuff has been happening. Now the father to two beautiful children, Khaden and Charleigh-Lou,  I've become a sort of triathlete and work has been grinding me down.
But I've been missing rolling dice so have been having a dig through all that survived the mass eBay clear outs that have decimated the ranks of my gaming armies. Still a half decent set of figures, and with what seems to be a major shift towards plastic everywhere I look, a collection that could probably attract a 'rare and OOP' tag line if I decide to part with it.
Amongst the pile of lead (OK, white metal, but lead is easier to type.), resin and plastic is a stupid amount of Soviets for Flames of War, actually not that stupid an amount, just more than will fit in any deployment area and will probably never all be painted, but I'm a gamer, and it's the law to have stupid amounts of figures. So last night was spent cleaning up 16 teams that make up a Udarny Strelkavoy company. (Should I be putting "Platoon" in brackets after that?) Now I just hope that the gallons of paint in ridiculously tiny bottles that are hanging on the walls hasn't dried up like the Cote d'Arms paint had a want to do if you hadn't looked at them for a few days.

And now that bit's over.
WTF GW?  You blew up the Old World?!?!?!
Seriously though Age of Sigmar is intriguing enough that I've splashed out on the starter and a few 'battletomes'.  Seems to me to be more of a "Beer and Pretzels" (If it wasn't aimed at those too young to drink beer.) style of game than the hardcore tournament WAACers would like, and that suits me fine.