17 May 2012

Sometimes it's a chore.

Arn't there somethings about this hobby an absolute drag?  I have 2 sets of tedium, and at the moment this one is top of the list.  Putting plaster on bases.  I know some who don't bother, and my wife wonders why I do, but I like the end result.
The other is painting black boots and tank tracks, in fact anything requiring a slap of black paint is also a drag.


  1. Funny enough, basing is my favorite part. I really do enjoy it.

  2. I think it comes from the time I spent with my father doing model trains come to think of it.

  3. I don't mind the basing once the plastering is done, just one of those things that seems to take forever. However my habit of doing the whole army at once probably doesn't help.

  4. You could try wood filler it dries quicker and I think dries to the same colour as old GW graveyard earth.

    Also could be worth a punt theming the bases city fight, forest etc. The huns :) seem to spend a fair bit of time on their bases before the models are even primed the army look good.

    1. You stil have to spread it on the base though, I did try a pumice from Vallejo but it shrinks too much.