14 Apr 2012

A place to hide. Part Three.

While deciding how to do my woods I nearly landed on the idea I am presenting here, I spied it on another gaming blog but unfortunately I don't know which one, and no doubt it is not a wholly original idea.
I haven't actually assembled these just laid them out to show you all an alternative idea.
I started by buying some hexagonal bases from Warbases (Worth checking out anyway.) I think these are 40mm.  Then going back to part one of this tutorial I replaced the washers with the hexagonal bases.
Then it is just a matter of arranging the hex based woods as you see fit on the table top.
Probably a lot simpler than the method I settled on, and far more modular enabling you to make wooded hills and follow rivers etc a bit easier, but maybe not as aesthetically pleasing.


  1. Hmm, have you tried putting some platoons in the hex woods? It looks a bit difficult for tanks and such to move through the forest without having to move bases and loose some of the foot print

    1. I did when working out if it could work, of course you can lift trees out as needed still.

      I will get a picture up with some figures in amongst the trees later today.

      Of course you could always get bigger hex bases, at the moment the trees are 40mm apart.