10 Feb 2012

A place to hide. Part One.

Woods, gotta love 'em.  A great way of covering your advance, somewhere to spring an ambush from and even something to keep you safer from flying tank killers.  I'm looking at you Typhoons and Hs129B3s.
Pain in the arse to make though, and can turn out costly, but in my constant efforts to build tables on the cheap I've come up with this.
I'm not ashamed to admit that I buy my trees, I found an eBay supplier Everest Model that I get them from.

These are 65mm tall and work out at a little over 20pence each, bargain.  He also sells trees in all types of sizes and other small bits and pieces that are on a 'future project' list I carry in my head.  They come un-based though so after a bit of head scratching I went and bought a pack of these.
Small hex nuts, with an internal diameter that will take the trunks of the trees quite snugly, if memory serves me these are M3 in size.
I then glue them onto a 25mm disc, in this case I use washers with as small a hole in as possible, I found them in my local B&Q.  Plastic bases can also do the job but I plan to add some magnetic goodness to my woods so have gone for washers.
Then glue the tree into the washer.
Repeat, until you get bored.
All very well, but the bases don't look too good, to remedy that I go to my local hardware store and buy a tub of this.  (Actually I don't go because it's what I use on my bases, so I had some already.)
And cover the washer and hex nut with some plaster, it may help to add a drop of water, and I mean a drop, too much will just make a mess, I also use a tongue depressor as a spatula and as a spreader, not just for basing hedges.
Again, repeat until bored.  I have stuck a base of Grenadiers and an M10C into the shot so you can get an idea of the size of the trees.
Once the plaster has dried (I leave it overnight.) I'll paint it to match my Infantry bases, a tip here is to paint a layer of watered down (Milk like.) PVA glue onto the plaster before painting, this means the plaster wont soak up as much paint and it'll go a bit further.
So there you have it, 24 trees based, waiting to be painted and awaiting the wood bases that will turn them into area terrain.  That'll be covered in part two.

A place to hide. Part Two.

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