7 Nov 2011

No posts since April!!!

But rest assured I am finished work for the winter and will have more time for doing stuff.

I am running a FoW campaign day next month at Arkham Gaming Centre and scenery is a bit on the sparse side, so scenery building it is for the next while.  Most buildings I own are from Paperterrain and I am in the process of getting those based up, the plan is for me to supply an Italian, Normandy, Bellorussian and Desert board.  Thankfully Arkham arn't short on trees so that is one thing less for me to worry about.

A while ago I bought a load of Bocage sections from Ironclad miniatures and this morning finally got around to sicking on the (Supplied.) clump foliage and trees I got from Everest models on eBay. This is as far as I got today and I have more than this again.


(That table cloth isn't the best background, but I have to use it when I work at that table.)

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