15 Apr 2011

Interesting Release from Forgeworld. (Warhammer Historical.)

Firstly my apologies, I almost forgot I had this blog, TBH I've been getting lazy when it comes to photographing my stuff and this has suffered as a result.  Don't ask how I got on at Warpcon, it wasn't pretty.  But since getting back I have been concentrating on my 28mm WW2 stuff and even built some terrain, but that'll be for future posts.  Anyhow on to this release from Forgeworld.

Interesting for a number of reasons, firstly this is the only new book released since Salute last year, after promises that WAB2 would be supported with new supplements it seems that they are being pushed further and further back, and with a clatter of new ancient rules being released this year (Hail Ceaser, Clash of Empires and a 3rd one whose name escapes me ATM.) maybe FW would of been better spent trying to protect that corner of the market.
Secondly, is there really a need for another WW2 based beer and pretzels ruleset?  I've run out of fingers to count rulesets of the top of my head.  Are FW hoping to catch the disenchanted 40K players with this book?  Something that FoW has done really well at in other parts of the world (Ireland is a bit behind in trends, and even bucks the 40K/WFB one totally.)  Maybe they will because the third point may also help.
Thirdly, the figure scale.  20mm or 1:72.  There is a huge range of plastic model kits out there and even some dedicated to the wargames market (Plastic soldier do 20mm as well.)  This means this could be cheap to get into if starting anew, hence the catching the disenchanted 40K'ers.  But on the other hand 1:72 collections have been dropped in favour of 28mm collections and 28mm has been snowballing in popularity for the last decade at least, granted there will be some old collections out there, in need of some TLC but lets be honest.  When faced with repairing an old army or buying a new one what is the most likely course of action for the average wargamer?  Plus we can be pretty lazy when it comes to adjusting rules for scale, though 28mm should slot right in.
As I said an interesting release, with a £48 price tag to boot.  OK it's over 350 pages and has some previously unpublished photos from the collection at Bovington tank museum, but the rules are only 50 pages of this weighty tome, and to my mind £48 is a bit much for something which I feel may just fill a space on my bookshelves.  However it may suit someone reading this and if you do buy a copy be sure to give me a lend.

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