25 Jan 2011

Warpcon is looming.

Warpcon is this weekend, I sold my only playable 40K army, and I'm playing 40K 

Sat down this morning and looked at what 40K figures I have assembled and wrote a list with a low model count, 36 including the 3 tanks.
Just undercoated the 33 infantry using Vallejo black primer through the airbrush and I can honestly say it was fantastic, the extra control I had with using the airbrush was great for ensuring I got all the model covered and it has dried to a nice flat surface that has shrunk into the details nicely.

Just going to hit the details with foundation paints, and then finish the army at a later date, warpcon has a 3 colour minimum, and based. I wonder if painting the bases grey and claiming it is cityfight basing will work?

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