2 Jan 2011

Decision made.

After looking through the new Turning Tide book it turns out that the 82nd "All American" Airbourn can longer take tiffies as a support option, so that has made my choice easier. My 7th "Desert Rats" Armoured Division will get painted first, considering I have completed two infantry armies as well the change will be nice. So I've spent today finishing the assembly of my 16 Cromwells, those fenders can be a pain.

The Sexton command and staff teams arn't pictured.

So I have a load of tanks to paint, about 33 armoured vehicles in all and 9 stands of infantry (3 extra stands so I can field a lorried rifle platoon.) Going to start with the Stuart V tanks, just have to work out if they were actually part of the 7th armoured or 8th (Kings Royal Irish) Hussars.

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