1 Jan 2011


Between being bought The Pacific (HBO Miniseries) box set, Fallout-New Vegas and buying SWMBO a Kinect for Christmas I've not got much done.
Torn between painting my 7th Armoured or my 82nd Airbourne I decided to paint my Typhoons as they can be used in both lists.  At this time the Typhoons are basecoated and I have applied the camo to them. Only really the invasion stripes and decals to go now(And yellow bits.), I've decided to Airbrush the white base for the stripes as I don't think brush applying white will give me the coverage I need, so a small delay as I wait for the paint and masking tape to arrive. Bought some Tamiya tape as I don't trust the B&Q stuff I have not to lift the paint.

I have also been playing with my camera and am getting slightly beter results, need to improve my lighting, the macro ring is too harsh and my daylight bulbs arn't quite bright enough.
My group of shermans have gone from this;

To this;

As you can see I've improved my 'depth of field', just remembered the top picture was taken using the ring light so I'll try that next, and also a group shot using my flash gun with a softbox attached.

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