26 Dec 2010

TFI over.

Christmas is done and dusted for another year.

Sitting here now in that twilight that is between Christmas and the New Year, no work to do, the mind starts wandering to next year and what I want to accomplish.  Being a typical gamer what armies I want to complete next year are at the forefront of my mind rather than any of, what most people would call, normal New Year resolutions.  2010 was a great year and saw me complete 2 Flames of War armies, bringing my grand total of armies completed ever to 5, and also lighting the painting bug again.  So 2011 sees me wanting to continue in my slaying of the lead pile I have gathered in various places, that and the opening of a reasonably local gaming centre in the form of Arkham gaming centre has really got my gaming addiction back.
So I've started this blog more in an effort to keep me going and hopefully encourage others to do the same, not being a fantastically talented painter I doubt you will learn much by following this blog.  And if your looking for tactical advice.......
So not a great first post, but at least it's no longer a blank page.

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